About City Lights

What is City Lights?

City Lights Bed and Breakfast, one of New York City's first B&B registries, was founded in 1985. The goal of our referral service has been to offer a wide range of affordable, quality accommodations to travelers from around the world.

Whether you're a tourist, corporate executive, or diplomat, we can find the right place for you. We offer comfortable, attractive alternatives to expensive and impersonal hotels.

Why Travelers Keep Coming Back

  • Location: Extensive bed and breakfast listings in safe, convenient neighborhoods in Manhattan – Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Greenwich Village, Chelsea, SoHo – as well as Midtown East and Midtown West
  • Quality: We offer attractive – and affordable – bed and breakfast accommodations that we have inspected for aesthetics, safety, meticulous, cleanliness, comfort, and hospitality
  • Availability: We offer and book only accommodations that are available – no surprises
  • Attentive Service: Tailored to the needs and wishes of the travelers we serve

Who Uses City Lights New York Bed and Breakfast?

Many of City Lights guests have not only been tourists but also corporate executives, movie stars, film producers, interior designers, ambassadors, and even British members of parliament.


How to Reserve a NYC Bed and Breakfast

Fill out our reservation form. Write your vacation requirements and City Lights will quickly e-mail you pictures, descriptions and rates of all available accommodations or you can call us anytime at 1(212)-737-7049